Design and Nature Camp, Held in Germia Park

PRISHTINA, KOSOVO – The Recreational Center in Germia Park in Prishtina was a second home for more than 40 youth from all over Kosovo, who during the week of 18 august were part of the Design and Nature Camp.

During the camp through different social and educational activities the youth developed projects for voluntary work that will be implemented in their municipalities to improve public space.

Fatjona Beka, from Mitrovica, 16 years old said that the project gave them the opportunity to express their creativity and ideas about nature.

 “It’s the fifth day that we are working in groups and we have done good work. We focused to change some locations in Prishtina” said Beka when we visited her in the camp. She added that the camp gave them ideas about the future; also they had fun and made new friends.   

This is the second year in the row that WWF Adria has organized the educational camps in Germia park in cooperation with Kosovo organization for talent and education – TOKA and Prishtina municipality.

For Altin Krasniqi, 14 year old from Gjilan, the most important is the nature.

“Nature is very important for people and life, without nature there would not be any life, and without oxygen nothing would exist. Forest gives us oxygen so we have to preserve it,” emphasized Krasniqi, and also added that during camp they taught them how to design and present projects.

“We had to be very creative and to work with nature products,” said Krasniqi.

WWF Adria and Ecopana are implementing Gërmia field project as part of “Protected areas for Nature and People” project. With the proper educational programs that WWF has developed hand-in-hand with all the partners, Gërmia Park has great potential to become a botanical garden and school for future generations.


Redon Rezniqi, project manager for WWF Adria in Kosovo said that it took a lot of hard work and coordination with all the partners to arrive at this point where we made it possible for the children to play and learn in Germia Park.

“Protected areas for Nature and People” is an important project that will last four years, and one of the most important components of the project are educational programs that we have developed in partnership with non-governmental organization Toka,” said Rezniqi. “The goal of the camp is for kids to have fun and learn about importance of nature and biodiversity in Germia Park,” added Rezniqi.

Other partners of the camp were organization VORAE ʼVoice of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptiansʼ, community ʼTermokissʼ and architecture studio ʼArchitecture for Humansʼ.

Ardian Nrecaj, WWF Adria