News of Parks of the Dinarides


Cameras documented a bear in National Park Biogradska Gora

Kolasin – Two specimens of endangered and protected species the brown bear (Ursus arctos) were seen in National Park Biogradska Gora. Presence of the bears was documented with cameras set within the project “Bear watching”, that is being implemented jointly by Dinarides Parks – Network of Protected Areas of Dinarides and WWF Adria – World Wide Fund for Nature. This initiative is being implemented through a four year regional program: “Protected Areas for Nature and People”, in cooperation with national parks Biogradska Gora in Montenegro and Tara in Serbia.

„This project aims to achieve noticeable progress in protection and preservation of wild species and their habitats, through concrete activities in the field and intensive cooperation with management and local actors. Long-term, we wish to establish an attractive tourist product “Bear watching”, that would bring benefit for both NP Biogradska Gora and NP Tara and local communities. Population of protected areas and its surroundings will have an opportunity to take part in the activities of protection of the brown bear through trainings for gathering of DNK material and other activities, such as creating attractive tourist offer in roles such as guides for bear monitoring or providing accommodation, hospitality, souvenirs and other tourist products and services focused on nature.” - said Lidija Brnovic  from Dinarides Parks.

“We are pleased that we have officially confirmed presence of this specimen on the territory of NP Biogradska Gora, which represents the first step in gathering scientifically based data, in cooperation with the best regional experts. Employees of the NP, in cooperation with partners in the project, have been regularly maintaining feeding places and have took other necessary measures to keep the brown bear in those locations. This marks the beginning of the second phase of the project – putting on GPS necklaces and further monitoring of its movements, followed by preparing an educative corner and creating a unique offer for the visitors. I am certain that we will soon offer a unique tourist product in Montenegro and that we will connect all commercial subjects and local population of Kolasin and Mojkovac.” - said director of NP Biogradska Gora Sasa Jeknic.

 „The hunters are very interested in protection of endangered wild species in this area and in raising awareness of people on the importance of this animal population. This project will be the first to give an opportunity to the hunters in Montenegro to follow the movements of the bear through satellite technologies, and not through gun sight. The data we will gather through monitoring will allow us to protect and enlarge the population of the brown bear in this area.” - said president of Hunters Society Lovac from Kolasin, Sreten Pekovic.

The brown bear is endangered by destruction of natural habitats and poaching, and its protection represents a priority on global level. Bears live independently, not in groups, they have a need for large habitats in order to move, feed, procreate and find appropriate places for winter hibernation. The protection of the brown bear is one of the priorities that will ensure that in the future, visitors of the parks will be able to have a live experience of bears, and be introduced to the life of this endangered and protected wild species.