News of Parks of the Dinarides


Celebrating Dinarides Protection Day on 7 October

Dinarides Protection Day – 7 October, was established on 29 May 2019. On the General Assembly of Parks Dinarides – Network of protected areas of the Dinarides in Nature Park Blidinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Through marking of Dinarides Protection Day, every year on 7 October, the importance of natural and cultural heritage of the Dinaric Alps countries would be brought to attention, as well as intertwining of natural resources and cultural and historical values of this very special place in Europe.

Dinarides (Dinaric Alps) represent one of the largest mountain ranges in Europe, connecting eight Southeast European countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Slovenia, and Serbia.

Name 'Dinarides' derives from the name of the mountain Dinara, which is located on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and extends into the central part of the mountain range Dinarides.

Dinarides extend north-west-southeast, about 650km along the Adriatic coast. The highest mountain range of the Dinarides is the Prokletije, with the peak of Jezerca Massive (2.694m).

By origin and structure, almost all Adriatic islands also belong to the Dinaric Alps and represent former Dinaric highlands before the rise of sea level, that is, submerged part of western Dinarides.  

Structure of the mountains in Dinaric Alps are limestone type, with many remains of glaciation at the highest peaks. Result of that is erosion due to action of water and therefore they are distinguished by numerous gorges, canyons, and underground caves. The area is very rich in water resources and rivers flow into two basins, Adriatic and Montenegrin.

This unique terrain, combined with climatic influences, has led over time to formation of various types of vegetation. There is a great biodiversity, with numerous endemic and relict species. The Mediterranean area, which partly rests on the Dinaric Alps, is of particular importance as the "hot spot" of global biodiversity. On the other hand, the Balkan Peninsula and Dinaric Alps are recognized as one of the significant biodiversity centers at European level.

Area of Dinaric Alps, as such, has for a long time been recognized by people as a convenient place to live. There are many remains of earlier civilizations, and numerous archeological sites are the evidence. From the Bronze Age, through ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Byzantium, Venetian Republic, to the Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungary, nations and cultures changed over centuries in the Dinaric region, building rich history and tradition of this region. Rich cultural and historical heritage is still one of the main features in this area.

This year, in which we established Dinarides Protection Day on 7 October, we wish to invite protected areas, members of Parks Dinarides, as well as other institutions dealing with environmental issues, education, as well as non-governmental organizations and all nature lovers, to organize actions and visits to protected areas, workshops, and events dedicated to this topic and together to send a message that improving the protection of natural and cultural values in the Dinaric area should be a priority and a common task for all of us.