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First conference on Brown Bear Management in Montenegro (Project PA4NP)

First conference on brown bear management in Montenegro will be held in the period 26-27 March, in the conference hall of Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro.

The conference is organized by Parks Dinarides with the suppport of CZIP - Centre for Protection of Birds from Montenegro, WWF – World Organisation for Nature Protection, German Nature Protection Foundation – EuroNatur, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Montenegro.

The conference will bring together foreign and national experts for large carnivores, representatives of competent institutions, non-govermental sectors, hunting organisations and international experts for the implementation of EU and international regulations, which will be the basis for the long-term protection of those species.

Like most European countries, Montenegro signed the Bern Convention, an international treaty aimed at protecting wildlife and their habitats. Moreover, she assumed the obligation to manage the brown bear, intensively monitor the population and ensure its stability. In the process of EU accession, the functional management of brown bear population is one of the issues that Montenegro needs to have prepared.