News of Parks of the Dinarides


Parks Dinarides and WWF Adria at the Assembly of ALPARC-a

The annual Assembly of the network of parks in the Alps (ALPARC), which was held in the National Park Gesäuse in Austria, was attended also by the WWF Adria and Parks Dinarides - network of protected areas of Dinarides, which were represented by Martin Šolar and Zoran Mrdak. They presented the work of these organizations in the protected areas in the region and potential projects for cooperation in the future. As observers of the Assembly of ALPARC they were acquainted with the manner of work of another regional network of parks that already has 20 years of experience. Also, they presented the organizations at the so-called Alpine buffet - alpine version of the bazaar, such as was organized also at the conferences of the Parks Dinarides.

Martin Šolar, Director of WWF Adria, completed the four-year term of office as the Secretary General in ALPRAC. At this Assembly, the WWF Adria was accepted into the membership of ALPARC as an associate member, largely due to the work with protected areas and parks in the region. Membership brings new opportunities for cooperation, joint projects and the strengthening of international friendship at all levels.