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Through games and fun to nature conservation

PRISHTINA, KOSOVO - Majority of children that attended the nature camp “Air” that took place in Germia Park between 6 and 12 of June had two things in common; all would love to come back, and second they all said that it did change their view about nature conservation, and importance of nature.


WWF Adria and Ecopana are implementing Gërmia field project as part of “Protected areas for Nature and People” project. With the proper educational programs that WWF has developed hand-in-hand with all the partners, Gërmia Park has great potential to become a botanical garden and school for future generations.


Redon Rezniqi, project manager for WWF Adria in Kosovo said the it took a lot of hard work and coordination with all the partners to arrive at this point where we made it possible for the children to play and learn in Germia Park.

“Protected areas for Nature and People” is an important project that will last four years, and one of the most important components of the project are educational programs that we have developed in partnership with non-governmental organization Toka,” said Rezniqi.

The goal of the camp is for kids to have fun and learn about importance of nature and biodiversity in Germia Park added Rezniqi.

For Diell Gjelaj, a 13 year old from Prishtina, the camp helped him realize that he can have fun without computers.


˝Before coming to this camp I used to sit a lot in front of the computer, but coming here made me realize that I can have fun without the computer and I can live without it.˝

Gjelaj said they learned about the animals of Germia and their habitats, and that we should not cut trees and hurt them.

“There are animals in Germia that I did not know they lived here, like some really big birds, also I did not know before how big is Germia,” added Gjelaj.

For Gjelaj the most important thing he took from the camp is learning how hard is to clean the water and how much money it takes to clean it.

“There is not enough potable water in the world; we learned that only 0.003% of the water in the world is potable at this moment. So we have to protect it and keep it clean,” said Gjelaj.

Rinesa Rama a 14 year old from Ferizaj said the she did not like to go out in nature as much before, but coming to the camp has changed her mind and made her understand the benefits of the nature, how to protect the nature, how to survive and orient in nature.


“We learned about how long different materials take to decompose in nature, some of them it takes 10 years, some 20 years and more. So it made me more aware not to throw trash into ground because it will take earth so many years to decompose it,” said Rama.

Rama favorite part of the camp was climbing the Alpine wall. “We had to climb up the wall and come down with a zip line.”

Kaltrina Ahmeti, project coordinator for Toka said that this is the first camp we are organizing in cooperation with WWF Adria and Prishtina municipality.

“22 children aged between 13 and 14 years old attended the camp, and they were from Prishtina and different cities around Kosovo,” said Ahmeti.

During camp children learned about nature, survival in nature, also learned about community service.

“They will have to do something within the recreational centre in Germia, some sort service that will benefit the centre, this time they built the flag poles and the names in front of the camping houses,” added Ahmeti.

It is important for kids that educational programme developed by Toka and WWF in Germia in the future are included in the school curriculum because children need to know nature in order to protect it in future emphasized Rezniqi.

“Through educational programs we will help save nature and educate students on importance of protecting nature,” said Rezniqi.


Ardian Nrecaj, WWF Adria