Presentation of the sport-hiking Health Trail - the first trail of its kind in Piva Nature Park and Plužine

On 27th October 2021, Piva Nature Park together with its partners, Plužine Education Center and Public Enterprise for Public Maritime Domain Management of Montenegro organized a presentation of the sport and hiking Health Trail - the first trail of its kind in Piva Nature Park in Plužine and promotion of the project “Raising awareness of the values ​​and importance of health and protected areas” which is supported through the Grants Program for protected areas.


The goal of constructing this circular Health Trail is raising awareness of how important is to be active and how positive the effect is on psychophysical health. Walking by the trail improves heart, blood circulation and breathing, and has a beneficial effect on the general health condition. On the trail itself, boards with exercises have been placed in certain places, which should be done in those places. The trail is located in a natural environment, surrounded by forest and clean mountain air. It is adapted to all generations and is suitable for all nature lovers. It is arranged and marked along its entire length and there are rest areas, exercise boards, Braille boards, contact boards with information of service providers, benches, swings, information and educational boards, etc.


We are especially proud of the information boards in Braille alphabet for the visually impaired that are placed along the trail, making this park the first protected area in Montenegro with content for the visually impaired.


The project is supported through the Grants Program for Protected Areas implemented under the Program "Protected Areas for Nature and People II, 2019-2022", implemented by Parks Dinarides – network of protected areas of Dinarides, in partnership with WWF Adria and other partners from the Dinaric region. The program is funded by SIDA - Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.