Recognize the value of our nature with

The region in which we live has been recognized worldwide for exceptional natural resources: pristine rivers, forests of high value, unique coast and rich wild world. If we recognize by ourselves the value of nature that surrounds us, we will take more seriously the obligation to protect it which is a concern of each individual. WWF has therefore launched a website by which, in one place, it emphasizes the values of nature.

"With this site we want to show the nature through the value of water, forests, seas and other ecosystems without which the life on Earth would not be possible. We want to encourage politicians to take into account a wide range of natural resources when making decisions, and the business sector to integrate the protection and sustainable use of natural and social capital in their operations", emphasizes the editor of the page Kassandra-Zorica Ivanic from the WWF Adria.

The site is based on data, stories and examples of good practices on how to use the natural resources in a sustainable way and thus contribute to economic and social development of our region.

In order to encourage local communities to actively participate in the management of nature and its resources, this site offers a model for such cooperation and can encourage each individual to take action in protecting our natural resources.

Data published on is based on the analysis of the estimates of the welfare of protected areas (PA-BAT) which was conducted by the WWF in 58 parks of our region. Page is currently based on data related to the nature of the Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in the WWF they point out that by the end of the summer it will include all countries in the region. The site is realized through the "Protected areas for nature and people."