The successful growth of small business requires a motivation and a good business planning

WWF has organized through the project ”Protected areas for nature and people“ the workshops for business planning and personal motivation for the participants of the National Park Una

One of the foundations of the good functioning of business is its successful planning. In such a way the sustainable growth of the same business can be ensured, and in order to achieve all this, a good motivation is required. Therefore, WWF Adria, in cooperation with the National Park Una and recently established Tourist Cluster Una, within its project "Protected areas for nature and people - Field project Una" organized a three-day workshop for business planning in Kulen Vakuf in Bosnia and Herzegovina intended for participants who are thinking about launching private businesses related to sustainable tourism. The workshop has been equally useful for those just starting out, as well as for those who have already started a business and want to expand it, and they need new knowledge and skills.

In addition to the theoretical part of the preparation of business plans, the focus of the workshop was on the business ideas of the participants so that they would get more specific information related to their own business plan. Participants developed their own business ideas, each of which can contribute to creating new tourism products.

"The largest number of participants who responded in this circuit is from the area of NP Una, which makes us very happy, because it is exactly them who are the drivers of the development of sustainable tourism in the National Park. The second round of workshops on business planning will be held in Bihac, and we also expect a great turnout. We hope that this workshop will eventually result in new tourism products," said Zrinka Delić, Head of the Project "Protected areas for nature and people - Field project Una".

In addition to business planning, a two-day workshop of personal motivation was also organized, to encourage the participants to use their natural resources, increase their self-confidence, recognize and overcome obstacles to challenging goals and put their ideas into business success. The participants exchanged their experiences and problems they face when starting a business and creating new tourist attractions. They also showed a great enthusiasm and interest and realized that joint efforts can move them forward and create a better business climate.

The workshop was attended by persons from the NP Una and its inner parts, women and a large number of young people who are just thinking about starting their own business.

The organization of these workshops and the implementation of planned activities will contribute to strengthening the tourism sector as the most profitable industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which directly or indirectly activates a large number of companies and individuals, with the guarantee at the same time that natural resources will remain protected and preserved for future generation.

The aim of the field project Una is to establish in the National Park Una and its wider surroundings a working model where the national park is generator of the development of environmentally responsible practices, by providing support for the idea of sustainable business, placing of local products on the market and their branding. Through this project, financed by the Swedish Development Agency Sida, to support all the activities of WWF around the National Park Una, it was allocated 322 530 EUR for four years.

Ana Volarić, WWF Adria