Unique menu in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Special kind of poultry “kopun”

Just four months since its foundation, the work of the Tourist cluster Una is already yielding visible results. We wanted to find our what the recipients of small grants under the project “Protected areas for nature and people – terrain project UNA” intend to accomplish, our team visited a beautiful rural household  Čardaklije in Bosanski Petrovac and its owner Zoran Radošević. Before we started the interview, our host insisted on first tasking his excellent home-made products widely known in the region for its high quality. The most popular speciality are buckwheat ustipci, which go perfectly well with homemade cheese and sausages.

We started the interview over the good food, wanting to hear Zoran’s opinion about the WWF’s initiative launched several years ago with the National park Una, which helped the park get the European certificate for sustainable tourism. Zoran was one of the first members to join the Tourist cluster Una in March this year.

“We are beginners in this business, but the potential and beautiful nature we have are giving us hope that we will succeed. The cluster taught us the importance of partnership and connecting in tourism. People who previously perceived each other as competition, thanks to a study trip organized by WWF have quickly became partners and true friends,” says Zoran, stressing that the creation of the cluster was indispensible for the area he comes from. “Support of the family if extremely important for the success in this business. With the help of my family we are now trying to become a leading venue for rural tourism. My son David intends to take over the family business, so he enrolled in the School of Tourism in Bihac. At the moment, we are deficient in adequately trained personnel. Unless we do something to improve the quality of education, this will became of the main challenges in the future,” says Zoran.

 Prior to starting the current business,  Zoran and his family ran a poultry farm. Now, he intends to apply for WWF’s small grants to revamp the old business and use it to improve the food offer in Čardaklija. He plans to start producing a special kind of poultry “kopun” which gives a high quality bio meat. “In this way we want to have a unique when it comes to food. We will make the meat available to other partners from the Cluster as well.”

Zoran also have nine horses for recreational riding.  Horses are also used for the therapeutic riding also. The household Čardaklije is located in the woods, which  gives a different atmosphere and provides both shade and peace. The bedrooms are ideal for groups of up to 30 people for team building or meeting, all with excellent local cuisine. Next summer in that cuisine for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be “kopun”.

Petra Boić Petrač, WWF Adria