Oglas za izradu marketing plana za posmatranje Mrkog medvjeda

Project and works description
Programme: “Protected Areas for Nature and People” - PA4NP
Field Project: “Bear watching in National Park Tara and National Park Biogradska gora”
Pilot Project “URSUS”: Preparation of marketing plan for brown bear watching in the National Park Tara (Serbia)
Programme area: countries of the Western Balkans region
Programme duration: October 2015 – September 2019
Field project area: National Park Tara (SRB), National park Biogradska gora (MNE)
Duration of the assignment: March 2017 –  May 2017
Location of the assignment: National Park Tara, Serbia
Donor(s)/ funding sources: The Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Sida)

Programme vision:
Sustainable use of natural capital in countries of the Balkan Peninsula forms a basis for social and economic development and is safeguarded through enhanced environmental responsibility among the public, governments, CSOs and the business sector.

Programme Objectives:
WWF Adria is working on the four-year Programme “Protected Areas for Nature and People” (PA4NP) in the Balkan Peninsula. Programme aims at contributing to the better engagement of local communities in the management of terrestrial protected areas and strengthening the constituency for influencing and monitoring national policies for the conservation of natural environment. Protected areas will be used as “natural laboratories” to develop model solutions for sustainable development safeguarding the natural capital. Programme will help protected areas (PAs) to increase their role in local social and economic development and become more valued and supported by their constituents. The program will also aim to build a strong constituency for influencing and monitoring national policies for the protection of the natural environment.

In order to ensure that protected areas demonstrate tangible examples of economic and social benefits to local communities, WWF and local partners are implementing six field projects in nine protected areas from the region. 

Field project Objectives:
Through the field project “Bear Watching in National Park Tara and National Park Biogradska gora”, National parks Tara (Serbia) and Biogradska Gora (Montenegro) will benefit from bear-watching related tourism activities. Furthermore, public support to PAs and economic benefit for local communities will be increased through sustainable bear-watching tourism offer. The project seeks to develop bear watching as a nature based tourism product in protected areas, in addition to the measures for brown bear protection and habitat improvement.

An important component is the local community awareness raising concerning bear co-habitation, as well as promotion and highlighting potential economic benefits of leaving near wildlife-rich habitats. Local community will have the opportunity to engage in measures to protect brown bear, but also to take part in creation of attractive tourism offer in role of wildlife interpreters or providers of accommodation, gastronomy, souvenirs inspired by brown bear, and other nature based tourist services.

Results of the Protected Areas Benefits Assessment in 6 PAs in Serbia reveal that biodiversity, tourism and education are the overall economic potentials recognized by the stakeholder groups. National Park Tara has a great potential for Wildlife tourism development, with a special emphasis on the brown bear, as the PA represents an important habitat and is a reproductive center for this species. In the light of emerging nature-based tourism market, development of commercial wildlife and bear watching tourism proved to be a win-win solution for environmentalists and economists in the region.

The main purpose of pilot project “URSUS” – “preparation of marketing plan for brown bear watching in the National Park Tara (Serbia) is to assist protected areas in development of wildlife tourism products and services which meet the needs of targeted market in a strategic and planned manner. In addition, the marketing plan will serve as a roadmap for park managers, tourism authorities and local businesses for implementation, evaluation and control of marketing activities based on brown bear and wildlife as a unique selling proposition. 


  • University degree or equivalent experience in economics, marketing, sustainable tourism, and strategic planning;
  • Familiarity with social, economic, and political framework in Serbia;
  • A proven record of accomplishment of success in implementing business and marketing strategies;
  • Minimum 5 years in marketing consultancy for SMEs and/or tourism management authorities;
  • Prior experience working on development of nature based tourism products is essential;
  • Prior working experience with business sector is an asset;
  • Excellent communication and writing skills;
  • Ability to produce quality reports;
  • Dedication to WWF’s mission and environmental protection cause, in general;
  • Adhere to WWF’s values: Knowledgeable, Optimistic, Determined and Engaging; 
  • Working Relationships:
    • Internal - Works closely and effectively with the PA4NP Project Officer and Communication Officer.
    • External - Works closely with the project partners and related entities, key partner is protected area management authority-National Park Tara.

Qualified candidates are requested to submit the following documents in English or Serbian or one of local languages:

  1. Letter of interest, indicating motivation, availability, and financial proposal;
  2. Proposed methodology for preparation of Marketing plan for Bear watching offer in NP Tara;
  3. CV including references.

Candidates should submit their application with required documents by e-mail to by February 22, with the following subject line: Consultant for Marketing plan for Brown Bear watching Offer in PA4NP Programme

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, and incomplete applications will not be considered.