Announcement: 5th Conference of Parks Dinarides – Network of Protected Areas of Dinarides

With great pleasure, we invite you to the V International Conference of Parks Dinarides - Network of protected areas of Dinarides, which will be held from 13 -16. 09. 2021 at the Hotel Princess in Bar, Montenegro.

The main topics of this year's conference are the status of nature protection in protected areas in the region of Dinarides, as well as the challenges that protected areas will face in the next decade.

In the past 18 months, protected areas, as well as all segments of society, have been exposed to extraordinary circumstances caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus pandemic. As nature protection and its improvement is a common task of all protected area managers, we want to provide a broader picture of the situation, challenges, success and perspectives of our most valuable areas in the Dinaric Arc region. I believe that direct contact with your colleagues during the conference will provide new perspectives and ideas for better management in your protected areas.

A study visit to the National Park Skadar Lake will be organized for the conference participants, where they will be introduced to the most significant values ​​of the Park as well as the challenges in management.

During the conference, a session of the VI General Assembly will be organized. As before, the members of the Network will have the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the activities carried out in the previous two years. In addition, in accordance with the Statute of Parks Dinarides, members of the new Management Board will be elected at this year's General Assembly (the official invitation and materials will be submitted later).

Since the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus made impossible to hold the conference and the General Assembly planned for 2020, I believe that we are all ready to make additional efforts and hold this event, to renew our communication, strengthen mutual cooperation and plan future initiatives.

Here you can find  the draft agenda, logistic information as well as the registration form..

Please send the completed registration form to our contact person, Ms. Marina Šćepanović at , no later than Friday 03.09.2021. We also ask you to copy the e-mail  when sending the application/s to the cc.