Grants Programme: Gastro Bazaar in NP Orjen within Eco Vill project

A large number of people quickly moved to the mountains this weekend to visit the Orjen Nature Park Souvenir Exhibition and Bazaar organized as part of the Orjen Eco Vill project implemented by the Agency for development and protection of Orjen, with the support of Parks Dinarides through Grants Program for protected areas, through which the project is being implemented.


An exhibition of souvenirs and a bazaar in the Orjen Nature Park was organized in front of Information and Education Center in Vrbanj, on Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 9 pm, as well as on Sunday from 9 am to 12 noon.


Entrance to the event was free, and free transportation was provided too.


The goal of Eco Vill project is to improve the cooperation of the manager of NP Orjen with the local community in order to sustainably use the natural resources of Orjen. In that sense, a series of workshops were held in the previous period in order to create recognizable local products. They were attended by farmers, cattle breeders, producers of animal and plant products, beekeepers, craftsmen... Among them, women are especially prominent as diligent seekers of great potential whose work and role in the community is not sufficiently recognized.


Therefore, a special charm to this event was given by local products and gastronomic souvenirs produced in the traditional way, created in the heart of Orjen, behind which stand the hardworking inhabitants of this mountain.


Special attention is paid to the aesthetic component - the packaging of the product, because only in the combination of a quality item and attractive packaging can the optimal result be achieved. Imaginative and hard-working women from the association, through Eco Vill project, created the first souvenirs of the Orjen Nature Park, as well as gastro-souvenirs.  Souvenirs were developed through a series of workshops with educators, where, among other things, participants gained useful knowledge about the needs of today's market, and ways to adapt and design products.


Therefore, in addition to the development of new local products, different types of packaging have been developed, as well as a special label that will mark various products created in cooperation with the Orien Nature Park.


In addition, in order to promote the park as a sustainable tourist destination, a brochure was developed with information about the special offers provided by this park, walking tours, cultural and historical tours, gastronomic tours, bicycle trips, mountaineering,…


The Eco Will Orjen project started in March 2021, and is implemented by the Orjen Development and Protection Agency in cooperation with women members of the Association of Private Forest Owners and Farmers of Herceg Novi, LTO Herceg Novi and JUK Herceg Fest.