News of Parks of the Dinarides


INDEXATION: A workshop for inclusion of the local community into the management of the park held in Obed swamp

Today, a workshop was held in SRP "Obedska bara", where an indexation was carried out, i.e. an assessment of the cooperation between administration of this area and local population. Beside Managers of Protected Area, representatives from women association, livestock farmers, society for nature protection, cultural artistic society attended meeting. This gathering was held in pleasant and friendly atmosphere where everyone had an opportunity to hear and learn something new. Participants stated that additional efforts should be made to promote tourism of places, products, and services provided by local entrepreneurs.

Representatives from Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province led workshops. They indicated that the indexing process is of great importance for Vojvodina Protected Areas, because it helps in linking managers with interested parties, as well as identifying key challenges and opportunities for further co-operation. This will create preconditions for planning and realization of sustainable development of the Special Nature Reserve, which represents the oldest Protected Area in Serbia and one of the oldest protected areas in the world.  


More information on Indexisation is available here