News of Parks of the Dinarides


Parks Dinarides network proclaimed October 7TH for the day of Parks Dinarides protection

Decision on proclamation of 7 October as the Day of Parks Dinarides Protection was made at Fifth General Assembly of Parks Dinarides and network meeting held in Nature Park Blidinje. The initiative for the establishment of the Day of Parks Dinarides Protection came from the Parks Dinarides Secretariat in Podgorica as the first step towards improving natural resources ​​of the Dinarides, strengthening cooperation and enhancing recognition of the Dinaric Arc region as a whole.

The reason for selection of 7 October as the date that would mark this day was a conference of Parks Dinarides, where a letter of intent to establish Parks of Dinarides was signed, and it was held in National Park Brijuni on that date.

"The goal of establishing Day of Parks Dinarides Protection is to promote uniqueness and interweaving of the natural resources and cultural and historical contents of this, in many ways special space, as well as the improvement of natural values ​​in the area," said Zoran Mrdak, executive director of Park Dinarides.

In that order, network members would mark this date with appropriate activities in their Protected Areas, with the support of Parks Dinarides Secretariat.