News of Parks of the Dinarides


Parks Dinarides started implementation of a new project "Climate change in Protected areas"

Climate change poses significant risks and challenges for National Parks and their unique natural values. However, the impact of climate change on protected areas in Montenegro is insufficiently recognized in the strategic documents that have been made so far in this area. Climate change is also a challenge in the management of protected areas, where in most cases the issue of climate change is not part of management plans.

In order to draw attention to the sensitivity of the most valuable natural areas and ecosystems in Montenegro to the ever more pronounced effects of climate change, the Parks Dinarides - Protected Areas of Dinarides have started implementing the "Climate Change in Protected Areas" project.

The overall objective of the project is to build CSO’s capacity and the management of protected areas (national parks and nature parks) to recognize the negative impacts of climate change on protected areas and their specific ecosystems as well as their integration into strategic documents in the area of climate change. The specific objective of the project is to identify priority measures for adaptation of protected areas in Montenegro to the risks associated with climate change in order to integrate them into strategic and planning documents in the field of environment and climate change.

“With this project, we want to evaluate the vulnerability of protected areas in Montenegro in relation to the identified climatic trends and develop recommendations that would apply to individual protected areas in order to improve management,” said Zoran Mrdak, Director of the Dinarides Park.

"It also helps to create an analytical basis for developing a climate change adaptation strategy, which Montenegro is obliged to prepare and adopt by 2020. The vulnerability analysis can also serve as a valuable resource for the Low Carbon Development Strategy, which is another commitment for Montenegro by 2020. In addition, through cooperation and communication with the affected area managers, but also by all involved parties, it will contribute to the capacity-building to identify threats related to climate change, as well as to strengthen the overall awareness of these changes and to improve the exchange of information in this area”.

The project, which will last for 6 months, is implemented through the project “Together for a Better Climate in Montenegro” partnered by NGO Green Home, the Council for Ecological Construction of Montenegro and CAN Europe, supported by the European Union Delegation to Montenegro and the Ministry of Public Administration.